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There are many leading pet clinics in London, dedicated to provide veterinary care and facilities. These centres are equipped with the latest facilities to provide your pets the best and immediate treatments. Their professional vets and trained nurses can meet your every veterinary need easily. They are not only experienced and highly trained, but also friendly and approachable. They strive hard to provide a cosy, homely environment to meet your pets’ medical care needs. With their experience, skills and facilities, they deliver the highest standard of care. Their services include general consultation, health screening, vaccination programs, laboratory services like blood chemistry & testing, ultrasound, scans, radiological services (X-ray), neutering, parasite treatment & prevention, dental care, etc. They treat every patient with kindness, compassion and respect as they would one of their own. Browse these clinics online to get more information or visit the nearest veterinary centre to speak with a professional.

020 7433 0155

London Vet Specialists

Are you seeking for a reliable and reputable veterinary clinic in London for your pet? Look no further than London Vet Specialists as it is committed to deliver the very highest standards of veterinary professional care. This clin...
0208 540 7275

Wimbledon Veterinary Surgery

Wimbledon Veterinary Surgery is an independently owned veterinary practice in London that offers a personal, professional and caring service for you and your pets. It offers a comprehensive range of services, designed for the opti...
020 8968 8333

St Helen’s Petcare

Whether your pet is not well or you need a sound advice about your pet’s health, simply visit St Helen’s Petcare practice in London. It provides a friendly, local veterinary service for the pets and pet owners. It also offers ...
020 7515 2505

Poplar Vets

Poplar Vets is one of the most recognized places in London when it comes to great care and passion for your pets. It is an independent veterinary practice that help you and your pet feel as calm as possible, by treating you both w...
0208 674 3525

Streatham Hill Vets

One of the leading names in veterinary practice in London that is trusted by many pet owners for the veterinary care of their pets is none other than Streatham Hill Vets. This clinic is well-equipped with modern and up-do-date fa...
020 7229 2040

Bayswater Veterinary Clinic

There are various well-famed veterinary clinics in London that can provide a wide range of services and facilities to meet your pet’s individual medical need and one of them is Bayswater Veterinary Clinic. Its professional vets ...
020 7385 9911

Barons Court Vet

When it comes to your pet’s medical care, the name of Barons Court Vet and Notting Hill Vet are highly recognized in London. Both are opened by Emma Nicholas who is one of the leading veterinary surgeons. She and her team of pro...
020 8789 4000

Roehampton Veterinary Clinic

Roehampton Veterinary Clinic is the leading clinic in London, dedicated to provide the best veterinary care and facilities to your pets. It offers a welcoming atmosphere for clients and their pets as well as provides a comprehensi...
0207 723 0453

Hyde Park Veterinary Centre

With so many veterinary clinics in London, it has become difficult for you to choose the right one for your pet. Hyde Park Veterinary Centre is an independent-spirited veterinary practice, highly recognized for its friendly staff,...
0208 340 5453

Hills Vets

One of the friendly, family-run small animal veterinary practices in London that always provide the highest quality medical, surgical and nursing care to their patients through up-to-date surgical and diagnostic techniques is none...
0207 609 9023

Zasman Vet

Are you seeking for a reliable veterinary clinic or a specialist vet in London? Your all desires can be fulfilled by visiting Zasman Vet that has different branches in different cities. Its professional vets are providing friendly...
020 7794 4948

Village Vet

For your special pet, only trust special vets, like Village Vet. It is a renowned veterinary clinic in London that has fantastic modern facilities and equipment. It has a dedicated team of committed vets and nurses who are highly ...