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Whether you want to buy a dog or a puppy of a specific breed, there are many renowned pet shops and breeders that provide you an opportunity to get started with them. They have years of experience in breeding healthy and well-balanced, good natured dogs and puppies that are ideal to be part of families. If you are not sure what pup you are looking for, they give you sound advice about different breeds and help you choose the right one for you. Browse the listed websites to get information about available dogs, puppies and even cats.


Tegrata Dobermanns

You will find various renowned Dobermann breeders in UK that focus on quality, rather than quantity when breeding Doberman puppies and one of them is Tegrata Dobermanns. Based in London, they provide well-balanced good natured dog...

Gumtree Puppies

Buying a puppy or dog of your choice is always a fun but time consuming task but with the help various online classified sites you can easily find a pet of your dreams easily. Gumtree is one of the renowned and reliable online fre...
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Paws 'n' Claws

Paws ‘n’ Claws is one of the best destinations of UK when it comes to the buying of beautiful kittens or unique puppies of your choice. They are a small family run pet shop that is fully licensed to sell a small number...

Little Rascals Puppies

One of the UK’s leading licensed dog breeders that are able to breed a varied range of pedigree and designer crossbreed puppies for sale to customers in all across the country, is one and only Little Rascals. They have years...

Ollarena Russian Toy

Wishing to buy a dog of any specific breed? Your all desires can be fulfilled by visiting Ollarena Russian Toy as they are independent, specialist breeders based in North London who breed the wonderful Russian toy dogs. They have...

Breeders Online

Breeders Online is the number-one website for pedigree dog and cat breeders. If you want to buy a puppy or kitten of your choice in UK, simply visit them online and find a huge selection of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens for sale...