If you want to capture the distinctive character and personality of your beloved dog or cat in a stunningly beautiful portrait, simply visit one of London’s renowned art studio Royal Cats & Dogs and get help from professionals, Clair and Tony. Clair is a professional artist with a passion for pet portraiture and Tony is a fine art craftsman who is providing you the very best bespoke pet portraits on canvas at affordable prices with excellent customer service. Working from your pet’s photo, they combine classic art practices with modern to draw by hand the distinctive features and character of your pet in a realistic lifelike pet portrait on canvas that can treasure for a lifetime. They hand-crafted each pet portrait to your individual taste and style. Visit them online to view their gallery and choose a classic oil painting, royal renaissance, pencil drawing or pop art dog portrait style. Send them a few close-up images of your pet’s face and let them know your preferences.

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